WSET Sample Test Questions

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WSET Level 1 Test Info

WSET Level 1 Wine or Spirits

The first thing to know is that our pass rates for LVL1 classes are 99%. If you pay attention, you will most likely pass. Online classes can be a bit more difficult as you don't have the comradierie of a class nor are you guided through the topics and pairing exercises in a face to face with one of our instructors.

You will have 45 minutes for 30 multiple choice questions in your Level 1 exam. Sample questions

WSET Level 2 Wine

WSET Level 2 Wine or Spirits

We pride ourselves with a better passing percentage than most other Approved Program Providers! That said, this is still a more difficult exam than LVL1 with more multiple choice questions (50) that you have an hour to complete. Time is almost never a factor in this exam with most students finishing in 30-35 minutes. Take your time to ensure you read the question and don't get caught by "which of these is not" type of questions.

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WSET Level 2 Wine Sample Questions

WSET Level 2 Spirits Sample Questions

WSET Level 3 Wine practice questions and tipsWSET Level 3 Wine

Quick overview on the exam, there are two parts tasting and theory. You cannot take just one UNLESS you are retaking a previously failed part! But passing one means you only have to re-take the failed portion. This is a serious exam, there are no shortcuts to success!

Don't think your multiple choice will carry you, you will need 55% in both the multiple choice AND the short anwser! 

LVL 3 Wine Sample Multiple Choice Questions

LVL3 Short Answer Tips

LVL 3 Tasting YouTube Tutorial - Please subscribe to see additional video guides! 

LVL 3 Exam Tips YouTube Tutorial

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LVL 1 Wine Sample Questions & Tips
LVL 2 Wine Sample Questions & Tips
LVL 2 Spirits Sample Questions
LVL 3 Wine Sample Multiple Choice Questions
LVL3 Wine Short Answer
LVL3 Wine Tasting Tips