Sommelier Standards Beer Service

Service of Bottled Beer

Serving beer is similar to wine but with fewer steps. When serving a bottled beer, make sure to pull the correct shaped beer glass and the correct bottle of beer. Carry both items on a tray to the table. 

Formal Service Set the glass in front of the customer and present them with the beer in the same fashion you present a bottle of wine. Open the beer with your wine key and place the cap in your pocket. Offer to pour the beer, some customers may wish to pour their own and in that event place the bottle on the table in front of them with the label facing them. If they ask you to pour, tilt the glass at a 30 degree angle and pour the beer as slowly as you can to avoid over frothing, then place the glass and bottle in front of the customer.

Casual Service Tray is optional. Ask if a glass is desired, if so set the glass down and present the bottle but you do not need to wait for approval. Open the bottle, retrieve the glass from the table and pour it slowly with the glass tilted. If no glass is desired, simply open the bottle and place it to the right of the water glass with the label facing the guest.