For your restaurant or wine bars

Affiliate Education Program - In partnership with wine bars/restaurants


Workshop Series

Each workshop is designed to educate avid consumers and trade industry members on a specific topic. These in-depth sessions may focus on regions, production methods, styles, or even the business of wine.  Unlike lectures, our 'workshops' get our students actively involved in the learning process through activities and group interaction.  And while some of our workshops do include tastings, the main goal of each class is to learn!  Classes will be priced between $25-$45 per person and payment will be collected in advance of classes through the Wine Education Institute reservation site.  


Workshops are listed here.


*Dates, Times, Optimal Class Size, and Frequency are customizable based on your goals.


Wine Education Institute to Provide:

  1. Education materials

  2. WSET-certified instructor

  3. Complimentary social marketing and email development to promote the event and your venue to both our client email lists.    

  4. A hyper-linked affiliate listing on the Wine Education Institute website.

  5. Wines purchased at wholesale cost from Restaurant/Wine Bar.

  6. A $5-$10 gift certificate to each student to be used at Restaurant/Wine Bar.


Restaurant/Wine Bar to Provide:

  1. Space, seating, and stemware

  2. Set-up and breakdown service

  3. Wines sold to Wine Education Institute at wholesale cost.

  4. Marketing support and client email list for promotional email blasts.


Benefits to Wine Bar/Restaurant:

  1. New, captivated, high value targeted clientele

  2. No out-of-pocket wine expenses

  3. Potential sales at Restaurant/Wine Bar, both before and after class

  4. No personal time devoted to curriculum development and execution

  5. Complimentary marketing