WSET Online Exams

Starting in the summer of 2020, WEI is offering it's student the ability to take their WSET Level 1 or 2 (Wine or Spirits) in an online, remotely invigilated environment. 

You will need to meet the following requirements to remotely sit an exam. Note that 1 Mbps is a very low requirement with pretty much all broadband providers offering this speed. Consult Google's speed check site to see your internet speed. Please note that the following devices are not supported: Google Chromebooks, Google Pixel Phones, Android tablets (Nexus 7, etc.), iOS tablets (iPad, iPad mini, etc.), and Microsoft Surface RT.
Connection Bandwith 1Mbps
Browser Google Chrome
Webcam Required
Screen Resolution 1440x900
Microphone Required
Speakers Required
PC Windows 7+
Mac OS X+
Additionally you will need 2 devices to sit the exam, typically a laptop and your cell phone.
  • Mobile Device - You will need a mobile device on which you will download the ProctorExam app. 
  • Android Device (4.1 or higher) OR Apple iOS 8.0 or higher.
You will receive an email from WSET one week before the exam and will contain information confirming what devices you need to sit the Exam. Another email will be sent 3 days before the exam and is a reminder about your upcoming exam. You will then be sent an email on the exam day with a link to access your exam. If you do not receive any of these email at the expected time, please contact us immediately!
Failure to sit the exam on the scheduled day and time will result in a rescheduling fee of $125. Details of specific behavior that will invalidate the exam will be sent upon signing up.